Church Ministries

Sunday School

LGCC offers Sunday School Classes for every believer who wants to grow and serve God. We are encouraging you to be attending these classes to increase your knowledge of the Word that makes you more effective as a believer.


It is our responsibility as the Church to present the opportunity to our members and congregants to study the word of God in order to further develop their walk with Christ and transform the world. Sunday School Classes are held in various locations at the Church premises every Sunday at 8:00 Am. You are certain to find one that suits your needs and uplifts your spirit.

Our Classes

New Believers Class
Membership Class
Leadership/ Ministry Class

Noble Women

This is a women ministry in LGCC, headed by the women leader under the overseer of Pastor Jolly Murenzi.

Through regular meetings and special meetings both spiritual and physical lives of women are built up to be women of substance. Women built relationships between themselves as women, whether it is mother to daughter, sister to sister, or friend to friend.

Noble women ministry has been designed strategically to develop and empower all women who are the members of LGCCNoble Women to become women of substance.
Seminars, fellowships, prayer breakfast and conferences are organized monthly and periodically to help women connect with each other, be built physically,economically, emotionally and spiritually.

Through this ministry women discover their talents and gifts. Women are taught skills to help them enhance their lives and that of their families. Being apart of Noble women is just joining another women group, but starting a journey of life change as a woman.

World Changers

Children’s ministries of LGCC seeks to provide high quality, fun children’s programs that teaches the principles of Christianity that instills Christian character, values and beliefs in our children.

All ages of children are ministered to.

Real Men

This is men ministry in LGCC headed by the men leader under the overseer of Apostle Charles Murenzi.

This ministry is geared towards developing, encouraging and challenging believing men to become the true image of Christ and good priests in their families.


To be an Usher at LGCC is more than just ushering the congregation into their seats, but it’s a ministry that allows you to serve using your God given gift and talent to connect with the body of Christ in LGCC and release your heart of service into the lives of others. These ministers serve Church members on Sunday worship services, weekly services and at any seminar or conferences organized by the Church.

Destiny Youth

This is a youth ministry under the able leadership of Apostle Charles Murenzi, and the pastor – in – charge of youth ministry Pastor Twesigye Wilson with head leadership of the youth are doing excellent work striving to meet ever growing needs of the youth.

LGCC Youth ministry’s goal is to give a home and family relationship where young people can be nurtured, mentored and discipled to be become responsible men and women. We welcome to join our youth ministry and become a youth with a great destiny. Once every Month our youth come together to fellowship, pray and share Jesus with each other.

Music Ministry

Worshiping God through music is one of our highest calling to our Father in heaven. At LGCC our music is not just singing and praying of instruments, but we worship to usher God’s people beyond the veil into the presences of our Heavenly King.

The music ministry includes Voice of Praise worship team, Jungen Akuru Dancing team, World Changers children choir, Showers of Grace choir, Technical Department, Instrumentalists, and projections.

You can join any of these teams to be one of the ministers using who are using their gifts and talents to worship God through music.

Prayer and intercession

“ I feel lonely, no one is there to help me. Will you pray for me?  My marriage is destroyed, I feel there is no hope of restoration. Can anyone be there to pray for me? I need prayer for my dying mother, can God change this situation? These are but a few of the most alarming conditions in the lives of people that need the intervention of God’s power in their lives. At LGCC we have made praying and interceding for your life our important work so that you can receive your liberty in the Lord. You can also join our prayer and intercessors team and begin to serve God through this ministry of praying to make God get involved in the affairs of men here on earth.

All your prayer requests are kept confidential to the one you share it with, only at your request can it be shared to the larger group for the purpose of agreement in prayer.

You can also join our prayer meeting every Sunday morning at 7:30 Am and Wednesday @ 5:30 Pm.

Marriages and Couples Ministry

This ministry exists to help in the nurturing and strengthening of marriages of in LGCC family. They support the wedding ceremonies that are held at church through premarital counseling sessions and helping conduct the wedding services in a way of worship to our God.

The department prepares Couples’ s seminars and conferences with the help of women and men ministries, they conduct .home visitations encouraging and praying for different Couples in their homes.